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25.06.2019 1:15:43password changed .....
25.06.2019 0:55:42NOT WORKING
25.06.2019 0:21:51account is not entering joacoover@gmail.com:Joacocapo1
24.06.2019 23:29:33Acc dont work refund me
23.06.2019 12:49:06good seller
21.06.2019 22:04:43
Please give me the code from the maile I need to gmail me to do the account on my own :) thank you very much I would recommend the account nice but that´s the only annoyance
21.06.2019 19:46:34good seller
21.06.2019 0:02:19проработал 2 дня
20.06.2019 20:24:06good
20.06.2019 13:37:23a seller who extends the business and lies to avoid giving an account